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Over 50% of internet usage comes from mobile devices.

Mobile device screens come many different sizes. Your customers are using all of them to search and find a business just like yours.

Responsive web design means building one website that is clean, functional, and efficient for the end-user regardless of the device they are using. The website structure is fluid and adapts to the device for maximizes usability.

we believe that responsive web design is so important that we won't build any other kind!


  • Google Required
  • Manage one website instead of multiple
  • Search engine friendly
  • Mobile device friendly
  • Fluid architecture makes usability on all devices a breeze
  • Consistent Design for all devices

It's simple, if your site is not responsive you are going to lose traffic. With the new Google algorithm coming into place, making your website as user friendly as possible should be your goal!


In order to design a website that fits with your company image we discuss your business’s brand personality, site goals, key messages and audience needs. We determine what your needs are: Do you need SEO planning, content development, graphic design or photography services? We then go over design guidelines: colour, layout, and navigation. We then put into place a timeline and work schedule.


We present you with two design layouts. Design layouts are initially provided as graphic images. Together, we will go over the design elements and decide which layout to proceed with. We’ll discuss what changes need to made to the mockup and then have you sign off on the final mockup before developing the prototype for your site.


Your prototypes will include images and content and will make allowance for minor changes. At this point this will be a fully functional, optimized website. Once the adjustments (if any) are made we will test your site for functionality and then have you make your final approval before publishing it.


If you require online video, we are here to walk you through the entire process, from the initial consultation to delivery of the final product. Once we have established your business vision, goals and production budget we collaborate with you to come up with the most effective solution for your business. Our professional production crew films your video, edits and delivers the final product.


If you require hosting for your website, we have hosting packages that start at $8 per month.


"Gillian is amazing at what she does. She explained to me that my website is like my calling card and that it needs to communicate excellence in what I do. She was right. Her sense of design is impeccable and she always kept my vision for what I wanted, on the forefront. . .

She has acquired the many talents needed not only to build fully functional websites but also the SEO savvy to make it visible to the cyber world. She has excellent listening skills and is on top of the current trends that affect my business. I would highly recommend Gillian for anyone . . .

considering updating or creating a website that people will find and when they see it will say “Wow!”, she is that good." -Walter Aguilar – Owner- Natural Action Movement Coaching